Exhibitor Registrations 2019

Last minute registrations will only by invitation.

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Note: The minimum age to exhibit is 16 years old. If you are 16 or 17, you need a guardian to attend the daytime event.

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NOTE: If you are under 18 and wish to register to attend as an exhibitor you must have a guardian present at all times. Please enter their details below. Guardians must be 18 years or older. (If N/A move on to the next section).

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Each registration includes 1 T-shirt. If you want more, each will cost an additional $30.

Men T-Shirt sizes (Across chest, lying flat): XS(47cm), S(50cm), M(53cm), L(56cm), XL(59cm), 2XL(62cm), 3XL(65cm), 5XL(68cm)
Women T-Shirt sizes (Across chest, lying flat): 6(42cm), 8(44cm), 10(46cm), 12(49cm), 14(51cm), 16(53cm), 18(56cm), 20(59cm)
Kids T-Shirt sizes (Across chest, lying flat): 0(31cm), 2(33cm), 4(35cm), 6(37cm), 8(39cm), 10(41cm), 12(43cm), 14(45cm), 16(47cm)
How many T-Shirts & corresponding sizes* - Include whether M (Men), W (Women), orK (Kids):

Exhibitor Family Details:

The 2019 Sydney Brick Show Exhibitors are able to have up to 4 family members/friends attend free of charge to assist with their display.
Please note, the 4 family members/friends (max) nominated here must abide by the exhibitor conditions, but are not eligible for the exhibitor pack, name badge or T-shirt. Extra T-shirts need to be purchased separately. The behaviour of any exhibitors family members/friends is the responsibility of the exhibitor.

1. Family Member / Friend Name (Full Name): Age:
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Your Display:

Only complete this section if you are 16 or older *AND* would like to display.

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SpaceTrainsCastleStar WarsSculpturesCityFriendsElvesTechnicGBCCollaborationGalidorLEGO(R) MovieOther
If you are in a collaboration, enter the name of the Collaboration organiser:
Please enter the details/description of your display(s), size in metres and if power is required, how many bricks and how long it took to build. Tables are 1800mm by 700mm. Please note, some of the details you enter here will be printed on display cards:

Is your creation your own MOC (not from instructions):
Please attach photos of your intended displays.
You can either upload photos here or add a link to what you are working on (less than 2mb, file types jpg,jpeg,gif,png,pdf).

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Are you willing for these images to be used for marketing purposes?

Associated LUG*:

Are you a member of a LUG (LEGO(R) User Group)? If so, please include the name of the LUG you are displaying under for The Sydney Brick Show 2019. If not associated with a LUG, please enter N/A

Approval / Payment:

If your application is successful, we will be in contact with details and if any payment is required for extra T-shirts to complete your registration.

Please refer to the exhibitor / AFOL guidelines for the terms and conditions.

By checking this box you have read and agreed to the exhibitor / AFOL guidelines (link above)*.
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