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This FAQ page should answer the most common questions we receive.
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Admission and Cost:

  • Tickets are now available through Ticketek. Details are available here.
  • We are not able to offer a discount for Lego Club® / Lego Life® members. The Sydney Brick Show is not associated with LEGO Australia or the LEGO group, it is organised by volunteers, and is a not-for-profit show.

The Event:

  • The Sydney Brick Show 2019 will be returning to Penrith Panthers Pavillion in 2019, on April 6th & 7th.


  • An AFOL is an Adult Fan of LEGO®. The Sydney Brick Show is presented by AFOLs.
  • A MOC is My Own Creation, the displays you will see at The Sydney Brick Show, are MOCs.

General FAQ’s:

Whats is The Sydney Brick Show?

The Sydney Brick Show is an annual exhibition of unique and original LEGO® creations, built and displayed by adult Australian LEGO® fans and collectors.

Who presents The Sydney Brick Show?

The Sydney Brick Show is presented by SydBricks Incorporated, a not-for-profit entity. SydBricks Incorporated comprises a group of volunteer Adult Fans of LEGO® who are not employed or affiliated with the LEGO® Company or LEGO® Australia.

Who benefits from the show?

A portion of profits from the show are donated to local charities including the Nepean Area Disability Support Organisation (NADO). For more information on the work NADO does visit the NADO website.

Do the exhibitors work for LEGO®?

No, all exhibitors are volunteer AFOLs (Adult fans of LEGO®). They collect and build with LEGO® as a hobby. All exhibitors present their own original builds, created from their LEGO® collections. All of the bricks used by our exhibitors are purchased, not provided by the LEGO® company.

How do you get a job like this?

None of the exhibitors at The Sydney Brick Show are employed or certified by LEGO®. Creating MOCs and exhibiting their creations is not a job, but rather a hobby. Our exhibitors are all volunteer LEGO® fans, who have regular day jobs as Engineers, Office Managers, IT Specialists, Teachers, Designers, Marketers, Carpenters and Accountants and more.

What do the exhibitors get for showing their work?

Exhibitors attend The Sydney Brick Show and present their latest MOCs to show their creative skills. Much like artists hold exhibitions, LEGO® builders like to show their work to the public and engage with other LEGO® fans. Exhibitors are not paid to build for or to attend The Sydney Brick Show.

Where do you get your LEGO® from? Does LEGO® give it to you?

The LEGO® you will see on display has been purchased by exhibitors, from stores and online marketplaces, much like everyone else. Builders seek out sales and specials to get the best value, or purchase from overseas, including parts from LEGO® directly. Unfortunately we are not given bricks to create the MOCs you will see on display.

Why is the show only on for one weekend? It should run for longer.

Presenting an event the size of The Sydney Brick Show is quite a task! Our event is not presented by or sponsored by the LEGO® company. We are a not-for-profit group driven by volunteers, we are unfortunately limited by both time and funds. Our exhibitors and organisers are volunteers, they have families and regular jobs, and a number travel from interstate to take part in the show. We cannot ask our contributors to give up more of their time to run the event for longer.

Retail & Exhibitor Applications

Exhibitor applications open in January, and close 8th February 2019. Applicants will be advised if successful or not by early March.
Retail applications for The Sydney Brick Show 2019 will open soon and close 1st February 2019. Retail applicants will be advised if successful or not by 22nd February.

The Sydney Brick Show Kids Creation Competition

Unfortunately, the Sydney Brick Show Kids Creation Competition will not be returning in 2019.

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